Warren Tuttle

"Unlocking the Secrets of Product Licensing: Strategies for Success" with Warren Tuttle

A Talk by Warren Tuttle (Open Innovation Director, Tuttle Innovation)

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Have you ever wondered what separates a profitable invention from one that barely makes it off the drawing board? Today, we're incredibly fortunate to have someone with us who's turned the art of successful inventing into a science. I'm thrilled to introduce Warren Tuttle, the former President of the United Inventors Association, and the author of 'Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Inventing.'

Warren is not just an advocate for inventors; he's a trailblazer in revealing the true path to monetizing creations. He's seen the pitfalls and peaks of the invention journey firsthand and has dedicated his career to guiding inventors through this labyrinth. His book is a deep dive into the realities of the inventing world, shedding light on the challenges inventors face and the misleading paths set by get-rich-quick scammers.

With less than 1% of inventors actually striking it big, Warren's insights are more than just advice; they're a lifeline. He's here today to share his wealth of knowledge and to tip the odds back in your favor. Whether you're at the prototype stage, contemplating licensing, or looking to avoid the common traps that ensnare so many, Warren has the answers.

22 February 2024, 06:00 PM

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Warren Tuttle

Warren Tuttle

Open Innovation Director, Tuttle Innovation

Open Innovation Director l ⚡️ Author of Inventor Confidential ⚡️| MarketBlast | Patent Pro Bono Advisory Council

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