Jason Feifer

Seizing Unseen Opportunities: A Conversation With Jason Feifer

A Talk by Jason Feifer (Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur)

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Ever wondered how to spot and seize the hidden opportunities in today's fast-paced entrepreneurial landscape? I’m your host Steve Waddell, and today we have an exclusive interview with Jason Feifer, the mastermind in identifying the untapped potential!

Welcome to a transformative session with the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, a luminary in the world of entrepreneurship, and a beacon for innovators seeking to navigate the ever-evolving business terrain. Jason, renowned for his unique insights into the dynamics of the business world, has become a celebrated figure, guiding entrepreneurs through the maze of modern-day challenges. He is not just a thought leader but a storyteller who has received accolades for his ability to distill complex business concepts into actionable strategies. In this interview, Jason will delve into the concept of 'Opportunity Set B' and share his expertise on how to leverage change, identify hidden chances for success, and adopt mindsets that transform challenges into lucrative opportunities. Get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and equipped with the tools to turn your entrepreneurial visions into realities with Jason Feifer, a nonstop optimism machine.

21 February 2024, 04:00 PM

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04:00 PM - 04:45 PM

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Jason Feifer

Jason Feifer

Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur

Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, is a renowned expert in identifying and adapting to business trends and opportunities. His insights into navigating change in entrepreneurship make him an invaluable voice on seizing product development opportunities in dynamic markets.

Jason Feifer

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