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Painkiller or Vitamin: Discerning the True Potential of Your Startup Idea

A Talk by Sam Wong and Zach Harris

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Have you ever wondered if your startup idea is a life-changing painkiller or just a comforting vitamin? Welcome to a crucial session of the Valuepreneurs Idea to Product Summit. We're thrilled to have Sam Wong, CEO of Venture Validator, along with Zach Harris, Director of Research, with us today. In the dynamic world of startups, understanding the nature of your product as either a painkiller - addressing urgent, significant problems - or a vitamin - offering nice-to-have benefits - is crucial. This distinction can make the difference between a product that becomes indispensable to consumers and one that remains optional.

Today, with Sam's deep understanding of market responses and his innovative VV7Dâ„¢ customer discovery framework, we'll dive into how to effectively validate your startup idea. We'll explore strategies for not only identifying your product's true potential but also for crafting value propositions that resonate deeply with your target audience.

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21 February 2024, 08:00 PM

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08:00 PM - 08:50 PM

About The Speakers

Sam Wong

Sam Wong

CEO, Fundable Startups & Venture Validator

I help startups become fundable.

Sam Wong

Zach Harris

Zach Harris

Director of Research, Venture Validator

A startup specialist whose work on products, pitch decks and market research has driven >$150M across Seed-Series C fundraises.

Zach Harris

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