Timothy Bush

Mastering Big Box Retail: Strategies for Launching and Selling Your Product in Major Stores

A Talk by Timothy Bush (Owner, TLB Consulting)

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Tim's deep insights into the retail arena, especially his success in placing products in top stores like Costco and Walmart, are crucial for entrepreneurs looking to defy the high product failure rate in this competitive market. Today, in our talk "Mastering Big Box Retail: Strategies for Launching and Selling Your Product in Major Stores," we'll explore how Tim's strategies align with the Value Driven Product Development process, offering essential guidance for achieving retail success. Throughout this discussion, listeners will learn the key steps and strategies for successfully introducing and selling their products in major retail chains, which is invaluable for any entrepreneur aiming for high market visibility and success.

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23 February 2024, 06:00 PM

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06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

About The Speakers

Timothy Bush

Timothy Bush

Owner, TLB Consulting

Timothy Bush, host of “On The Shelf” podcast and owner of TLB Consulting, offers 22 years of expertise in placing products in major retail chains like Costco. His background in retail management and sales provides a unique insight into navigating big box retail environments for product placement.

Timothy Bush

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