Noah McNeely

From Sketch to Success: The Prototyping Pathway

A Talk by Noah McNeely (CEO, Product Quickstart)

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"From Sketch to Success: The Prototyping Pathway" is a must-attend for anyone looking to bring a product idea to life. Featuring Noah McNeely of Product QuickStart, this talk dives into the crucial stages of prototyping, from initial sketches to 3D-printed models. Attendees will learn actionable strategies for brainstorming, selecting the best ideas, and navigating the product development process through an iterative cycle of prototyping and learning. Noah's expert insights offer a practical roadmap for both individual inventors and startups, making this session an invaluable opportunity to accelerate your journey from concept to consumer. Join us to transform your product development approach and see your ideas materialize into market-ready innovations.

21 February 2024, 09:00 PM

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09:00 PM - 09:50 PM

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Noah McNeely

Noah McNeely

CEO, Product Quickstart

Noah McNeely, co-founder of Product QuickStart, brings over two decades of experience in guiding diverse product ideas from concept to market. Specializing in product development and launches for startups, he excels in transforming "good ideas" into successful product businesses.

Noah McNeely

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