Rita Crompton

Breaking Down the Myth, Building a Product that Customers Really Want

A Talk by Rita Crompton (Founder and Managing Director, Inventor Lady)

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Imagine if you had a map that could navigate you through the treacherous terrain of product development, a guide so insightful that it could significantly reduce the daunting 95% failure rate that looms over new products. In a world awash with innovation and invention, the path to a successful product often seems shrouded in myths and misconceptions. How do we ensure that our creations not only dazzle with ingenuity, but also resonate deeply with the needs and desires of our intended audience?

Enter Rita Crompton, affectionately known as the inventor lady. With a passion that's both infectious and inspiring, Rita has dedicated her life to transforming the solitary inventor's journey into a supportive expedition toward success. Her presentation, Breaking Down the Myth, Building a Product that Customers Really Want, brings two decades of experience to the forefront, peeling back the layers of assumption that often mislead inventors on their journey marketplace. Through her groundbreaking work as the Inventor Lady and the founding of the Inventors Roundtable, she's not only provided inventors with the essential resources of a corporate environment but has also fostered a community where invention thrives on collaboration and shared wisdom. With a laser focus on the early stages of idea and concept development, Rita will guide attendees through the essential steps of aligning their innovations with real-world demand.

Drawing from her vast experience in patent research, prototyping, crowdfunding, and licensing, she will highlight the common pitfalls that inventors face and how to avoid them. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned inventor, Rita's insights are the beacon of hope and guidance in the often-murky waters of product development. Join us to learn from the Inventor Lady yourself and take a significant step towards turning your innovative ideas into market triumphs.

21 February 2024, 06:00 PM

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06:00 PM - 06:50 PM

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Rita Crompton

Rita Crompton

Founder and Managing Director, Inventor Lady

Inventor Lady: Your Inventor Resource Expert♦ Invent America Radio Show, IP, Inventor help, Crowdfunding, Licensing, Patent Search, prototype

Rita Crompton

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