Shaun Sanders J.D.

Managing Partner, VentureCraft, Inc. Shaun Sanders, J.D., specializes in guiding early-stage tech with impactful pitches and value articulation. He's instrumental in raising significant funds, leading major investor networks, and fostering startup growth. His work shapes billion-dollar ventures.

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I empower early-stage technologies to pitch stories that resonate with investors. I equip founders with the tools necessary to articulate their value propositions to customers. I enable corporate leaders to translate abstract goals into actionable strategies that rally their partners and deliver results. In a nutshell, I help people explain their vision in ways that compel others to act. 

My passion and purpose are rooted in championing innovative business ideas. My clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars and gone on to build billion dollar empires. In 2014, I led the creation of one of the largest angel syndication networks in the country. Later, I joined other local investors to build out the world renowned Applied Innovation center at the University of California, Irvine. Currently, in addition to my consulting, I assist in developing startup ecosystems around the world and manage a startup accelerator in Southern California. 

In the words of Alexis Ohanian, the Co-Founder of and Partner at Y-Combinator: 

"Shaun is an innovative problem solver who would often arrive at solutions none of us had even considered. Furthermore, a number of the projects he did were as analytical as they were artistic. That obsessive attention for detail as both an artist and researcher undoubtedly sets him apart from most." 

╭── Core Competencies: ──╮ 

• Tech/Science Commercialization

• Investment Presentations / Fundraising

• Marketing / Branding / User Aggregation

• Venture Capital / Private Equity / Strategic Funding

• Risk Assessment / Mitigation • Business Growth / Scaling

• Research / Due Diligence / Data Analysis

• Business Development / Industry Disruption

• Program Management / Development

• Product Development / Management

• Stakeholder Relations / Investor Relations

• Professional Communication / Public Speaking / Workshops

• Leadership / Social Awareness / Collaboration

• Startups / Accelerators / Incubators / Programs

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Storytelling for Investors Masterclass With Shaun Sanders

23 February 2024, 09:00 PM
Shaun Sanders

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