Rita Crompton

Founder and Managing Director, Inventor Lady Inventor Lady: Your Inventor Resource Expert♦ Invent America Radio Show, IP, Inventor help, Crowdfunding, Licensing, Patent Search, prototype

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I have been working with inventors for almost twenty years now and the one complaint I hear the most is how people wish they had heard about me sooner! BAD advice is everywhere for inventors! So I have made it my goal to help as many as I can get their idea to market. 

I have spent many years building up different avenues for independent inventors to access quality information and advice about the best way to get to market. Resources like the Inventors’ Roundtable, a group of inventors that meets virtually each month to talk about any problems they might be encountering. Or Invent America, the radio show designed to help get truthful information out there to the masses. I also offer the Inventor’s Galaxy Guide as a free resource on my website. It walks you through deciding if you should proceed as a startup or try to license your product. 

I focus on helping inventors develop their ideas into sellable products, then I make sure they have recommendations for the best service providers possible. Most inventors are good at solving a problem. That doesn’t mean they will be good at every aspect necessary, like completing a comprehensive patent search, writing a good patent, developing a prototype, marketing, sales...all skills required to get a product to market. But I can help with that because my years working in the industry have made it possible to find high-quality service providers, people who I am happy to recommend to inventors to save them from the scoundrels out there. 

Over the years, I have worked on everything from full-size functioning tractors to baby products and everything in between. It is amazing to help someone get from “I have an idea” to the marketplace. I know providers who can help with the patent/product search, patents and trademarks, engineering and manufacturing, liability insurance, marketing/selling, and licensing. 

Are you interested in licensing your product? As a licensing agent, I can help there too. Licensing means you want someone else to make it, sell it and send you a royalty check. I help inventors tee up their inventions to have the very best options and will be by their side through all the legal steps to get a contract in place. 

If you have a project/idea and you have any questions, please contact me. I do NOT charge anything to answer questions or offer guidance. Visit my website to see the projects we are working on. If you are already patent-pending, join us at a trade show or ask me about licensing. 

Getting an idea to market is hard! But the Inventor Lady is your Inventor Resource Expert and can help!

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Breaking Down the Myth, Building a Product that Customers Really Want

21 February 2024, 06:00 PM
Rita Crompton

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