Rich Goldstein

Patent attorney, speaker, Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), Goldstein Patent Law Richard is an expert in patent law, specializing in guiding start-ups and individual inventors through the complex process of patent protection. With over 2000 patents secured for clients, his focus is on turning innovative ideas into protected, tangible realities.

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I’m on a mission to connect, protect, and educate. I help small business, start-ups, e-commerce and digital marketers, and inventors in their quest to obtain patent protection. 

The patent process is time consuming, complicated and confusing, which is why people need someone with legal, problem solving and people-oriented skills to help guide them through it. 

Along with my team of attorneys, I counsel individual inventors and start-ups regarding the best steps to take for patent protection, when patent protection is available. 

While obtaining over 2000 patents for my clients, it became clear to me that most people who have a brilliant idea never thought they would become inventors. I believe it is good fortune when I'm a part of their path toward making their idea a reality. 

There is much at stake when applying for a patent, time, money and of course protection from someone stealing your idea for themselves. I am passionate about helping others achieve success and happiness.

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The Valuepreneur's Guide to Intellectual Property: Navigating Patents and Beyond

22 February 2024, 05:00 PM
Rich Goldstein

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