Daniel O’Connor

Consultant Principal, Inventors Academy Daniel O’Connor brings 40 years of experience in commercializing intellectual property globally, innovating in funding and distribution. He pioneered the Cornerstone Investment model and coaches inventors through his online program, focusing on achieving successful, cash-generating transactions.

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Daniel commercialized his first invention in 1983 in Perth, Western Australia. He took this PC-based software from an idea to a pre-listed Company in under 3 years and then contracted to a local University on commercializing their emerging innovation. He has 40 years of experience in commercializing intellectual property, through funding, distribution, licensing and trade sales around the World.

In 2015, while on assignment in Burma for the UN Task Force for Innovation and Competitiveness, Daniel discovered a breakthrough in how innovation projects should be funded. He formulated the Cornerstone Investment model and created an online course for inventors worldwide who were not able to raise capital in the traditional ways and needed to learn a better way.

Today, Daniel works with Inventors online through this affordable group coaching program to help as many small R&D teams and independent inventors to achieve their first cash-generating transactions and secure their projects financially.

Daniel is an author, speaker, and writer with over 200 articles and 3 books published. He has a bachelor's degree in Business, an MBA in International Business, and was a PhD candidate until recently. He is a professional Company Director and has served in public and private companies, listed and unlisted, in Australia and other Asian Countries.

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Unlocking Value: Making Your Invention Pay for You!

23 February 2024, 08:00 PM
Daniel O’Connor

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